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myEPPI (Enhanced Platform for Positive Incentives) is an ICT system that support and motivates people to change behaviour and create sustainable habits through the use of positive incentives.

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My little choice changes the world !

Tangible, positive incentives play a fundamental role in stimulating changes in human behaviours.
It is likely that in the near future a mix between prices, financial and social incentives could represent a “nudge” strong enough to trigger new, virtuous actions in many everyday situations and routines.

What myEPPI can do for you

Positive Incentive management with myEPPI

The myEPPI software platform and framework have been designed from an extensive analysis of many initiatives and use cases about positive incentives applied to sustainability objectives like traffic reduction, energy saving, environmental preservation etc.

The outcomes of the MoveUs project ( have been especially used as a basis for the development of the product.

myEPPI comprises several ICT tools specifically tailored for the citizens and the stakeholders.

Defining the goals

myEPPI supports the definition of the objectives in the domain of interest and the set of measures to be taken.

Defining the Rules

Thanks to a comprehensive Data Model it's possible to define the behaviour that the users should follow to achieve the goals.

Setup the incentives

The “Incentives package” like discounts, access to special facilities or services etc. can be easily defined and associated to the rules.

Be informed and rewarded !

myEPPI's ICT tools (e.g. mobile apps) are used to inform the citizens, promote the incentives, measure the citizens’ behaviours and distribute the incentives

Fields of application

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myEPPI has been designed thanks to the cooperation of public and private partners:
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